Fitness Assessment   The first step of any successful program is understanding your goals, previous medical history, and current fitness level! All other programs will be designed based on the information gathered from this general evaluation.

Ortho-KineticsⓇ   A highly specialized assessment which includes postural and joint evaluations, gait analysis, and movement screens. Designed for those seeking an in-depth look into their muscle imbalances and compensations.

Corrective Exercise and Flexibility   Weekly regimens designed to improve postural alignment, boost core activation and increase range of motion and joint flexibility. Excellent for post-rehab patients, sedentary-lifers and anyone who struggles to maintain proper posture.

Weight Management   Cardiovascular training, strength training, and nutritional guidance to develop a balanced, long-term healthy lifestyle. Expect realistic adjustments to your day-to-day routine; no fad diets or trends here!

Muscular Development   Designed to build, sculpt, and grow muscles - without performance enhancing assistance. Perfect for bodybuilders and athletes seeking increased size.

Kettlebell Concepts Training   Learn and incorporate the tools needed to have an effective and safe kettlebell workout. Combining the explosiveness of power lifting and the benefits of dumbbells, kettlebell training burns fat, builds muscle and adds versatility to your program.

Pre/Post Natal   Specialty exercises to improve endurance and flexibility-- before, during and after your baby bump!

Senior Fitness   Enhance quality of life with strength and balance movements specially designed for mature adults.

Small Group Training   You and up to three friends can workout together! Fun-filled partner and group exercises to build confidence and teamwork.

Massage Therapy   Coming Soon!


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