Afiya Kamau: Coach, Trainer, Life-Changer!

Afiya does more than choose exercises and count reps. While that's an important part of her job, she also takes pride in empowering and enhancing the lives of all her clients. With over 10 years of training experience, Afiya has learned to support and encourage people to make lasting changes in their lives. She started out as a track and field athlete and, in her senior year of high school, was introduced to the weight room. Afiya spent countless hours lifting weights with the football team and that's when she found her niche! It wasn't until her twenties that she recognized her natural gift for guiding people through their workouts and goals.

After obtaining several certifications, she dove right into personal training full time. For the first time, she actually looked forward to going to work! Afiya was lucky enough to train people from all walks of life.  And a common theme emerged: every one of them needed help, guidance or support. Whether it was to lose weight after a baby, increase definition in their arms, or simply walk up the stairs without getting winded. Regardless of their goals, they trusted her to guide them. Afiya took, and still takes, that responsibility very seriously. She continued to excel as a trainer and was promoted to management. Working behind the scenes gave her a great perspective on what it takes to run a fitness facility.

Be Fit Brooklyn is a culmination of everything Afiya has wanted from a fitness brand: A professional, responsible, friendly, and knowledgeable source for healthy living. Let Be Fit Brooklyn show you how great fitness can be... Your body will love you for it!